Township Hack – Get Unlimited Cash and Coins Now!!

We all want to be our own boss but in real life, it’s quite a tough task. So we found a game where you can be your boss where you can build a whole city and manage it too.

Township first came to Facebook as a multiplayer game in 2011 and then found it’s a way to Android and iOS after few years. It’s a freemium game which means it’s coming for free but there are few in-app purchases which make the game more exciting

Township Hack is one of the best city building game and is a blend of city building and farming. Here, you get to build a city from scratch and you also get barren plots of land where you have to grow staple crops like sugarcane and cotton mostly.

Basically, this game is all about how you manage your city which includes managing the happiness level of your citizens, which determines how many people can live in your town. You have to make them happy by building special buildings and decorating the city with new add on’s which unlocks at a certain level of the game. Once they are happy enough you can start increasing your town’s population by building new houses for new people coming to your town.

Furthermore, you can build zoo’s, theatre’s and markets to woo your population and make them happy and this will help you attract new people to your town making it much bigger.

Building your city is not as easy as it sounds. You have to get some special resources which are not available in your town and that’s where your friends come to your rescue. Every player’s town in this game gets a factory of some special resource which you can trade off with your friend or you can buy it also but why to buy when you can make a deal with your friend.

As we told you also have to grow your crops so now what to do with these crops and how to grow them again and again with limited resources. So, for that, you get to sell your crops or you can use factories in your city to get a consumable product from that which you can sell to your citizens to earn money for further development of your farms and town.

Talking more about in-app purchases, you get the option to purchase building materials or coins to buy more resources. There are some bundle deals and much more options. You can even use the coins you earned in game to make purchases.

So if you are getting bored and looking for a game to kill your time with your friends then Township is the one for you.

Township Hack

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